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With over 20 years of experience covering the breadth of the UK, Rachael White Designs (RWD) transforms both private and commercial landscapes using classical design principles, with a naturalistic and contemporary sensibility. This enables a wider perspective for the design to develop and grow and to reach its full potential. We endeavour to capture the historical aspects of each project and where it sits within the landscape itself, ensuring that this character is incorporated into our designs, leaving a sustainable legacy for the next generation.

With the brief in mind, the design team work to create a strong structural backbone, the core of which allows us to then develop the individual “rooms” that as a whole create a coherent journey throughout. This structure and flow then allows the build team to confidently install the design, and to create distinctive bespoke features where the finer details really matter. The horticultural team can then have the freedom to create bold planting schemes to soften these hardscapes and deliver a beautiful final design.

Our “three C’s” approach of Conception, Construction and Creation (going from design all the way through to build and planting) makes us uniquely placed to oversee projects entirely from start to finish. We pride ourselves on continual consultation from concept, all the way through to creation which allows designs to develop and grow, and to reach their full potential. Our ethos for these three aspects are:


  • to absorb the client’s wants and needs to help guide and inspire them
  • to respect the historical architecture and surroundings
  • to use strong classical design philosophies, complimented by contemporary thinking
  • to ensure the garden design complements and mirrors the house and its interior
  • to work with both vertical and horizontal vistas to create depth and layers to the garden as a whole
  • to create a coherent flow throughout the design


  • to have a depth of craftsmanship within our build team to deliver a superior build
  • to use only the best quality materials, supported by a long relationship with our suppliers to use sustainable materials wherever possible
  • to use materials that are in-keeping with their surroundings
  • to pay attention to the finer details
  • to create entirely bespoke builds that leave a unique legacy for years to come
Stratton End


  • to respect and listen to what is thriving in the existing environment
  • to create unique vibes within the individual “rooms” that link the design together as a whole to introduce layers of both classic and contemporary planting that blend beautifully
  • to create both formal and informal waves of repeat, bold planting
  • to be brave with simplicity
  • to work with naturalistic principles
  • to support naturalistic landscapes with the introduction of woodland and wildflower/grassland meadow planting
  • to promote heritage planting
  • to introduce bespoke one-off focal feature points that support the final planting scheme and make it sing