Before and after

AT THE START - A lovely manor farmhouse with a good garden structure in need of a face lift.

BRIEF - To create a garden to suit the period farmhouse manor with bold planting beds, orchard room and vistas for both family and a high end B&B use.

DESIGN PROCESS - The main structure was established but the planting areas and zones within the site needed to be completely rethought. It was to have a traditional herbaceous border feel with a formal lawn for entertaining and lawn ball games while still retaining a friendly family home feeling. I opened up the main garden area by removing the main overgrown hedge running down through the middle of the garden and introduced one large circular herbaceous planting bed as a main centre piece the sat in the middle of the main lawn. While this broke up the lawn it still allowed enough space to create a good sized formal lawn that was softly divided up into small rooms. The orchard hedge created a cosy back orchard room, and the front of the house, which is for more business use, allowed the design to be more structural with strong vistas up to the front door and to the right drawing your eye back into the main garden.

OVERVIEW - The overall feel of the manor house post face lift, has created a clean and crisp landscape that is widely respected by the clients B&B guests and enjoyed by the family alike all year round.

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