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OVERVIEW After being invited by the exceptionally talented artist Hamish Mackie to develop some ideas to showcase his world-class sculptures at the 2016 Chelsea Flower Show, Rachael went on to design and develop an award-winning stand design.  

BRIEF As the scope and variety of Hamish's sculpture work spans subjects - largely from the animal kingdom - from all over the world, the stand aimed to showcase his stunning work depicted in a variety of global landscapes  from enchanting Roe deer enjoying an English woodland glade to Elephants and Cheetahs crossing the vast Savannah landscape.

DESIGN PROCESS The build took 10 days and involved transforming a 11m x 3m blank stand-space into a visual spectacle - from the carefully designed and hand-painted mural backdrop to the authentic Cotswold stone wall and lichen covered tree bark, combined with the clever use of natural plants to compliment each landscape, it all came to life. With high accolades from both the viewing public and judges (and a 4-star highly commended certificate), the results were outstanding. Rachael is looking forward to building on this success at future shows and exhibitions and feels that it not only compliments but also inspires her creative work in private garden design.



"I have known Rachael for many years so I was confident that not only would she rise to the challenge that I put to her, but would relish it.  She is a wonderful person to work with and totally ‘got’ what I was trying to achieve. In a professional capacity I have never seen someone so excited by the prospect of good old-fashioned hard work, and could positively sense the creative machine working at full pelt, as she began to pencil some creative design ideas down on paper at our first meeting.  

She has cleverly amassed a full team of highly skilled and diligent folks that work alongside her, on the artistry, development and execution of her designs – and the results not only complimented the display of my own sculpture, but the feedback I received of the overall design was amazing.
I am trying very hard to keep her as my secret, but fear it won’t be long before someone nobbles her and I will have to fight for a bite of her creative apple!"

Hamish Mackie




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Judges Comments
“The stand is impressive – the design would certainly be worthy of a 5-star award, were it not for the slight lack of lighting in one corner of the stand.  This is no way reflects the high standard and professionalism of the design, artwork, props and clever planting which showcase the wonderful sculpture work perfectly.”


Daunsey Horse Trials 2016

Mall Galleries. London 2016

Chelsea Flower Show 2017

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